Ring size guide

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Get acquainted with your fingers before measuring

Keep in mind that your fingers tend to be colder in the mornings and cold temperature can make your fingers shrink. On the other hand, heat or water retention caused by food or medications, can cause finger swelling.

Measure your fingers later in the days and make sure they are room temperature warm.

Also to take into consideration is that the fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger than those on your non-dominant hand.

Measure an existing ring


- Select a ring that you already have.
- Measure the internal diameter of your ring in mm.
- Take the measurement and choose the size according to our chart.

Measure your finger


- Wrap a strip of paper around the finger you would like to have the ring.
- Mark the spot where the paper meets and roll out your paper.

- Measure the length by using a ruler.
- Choose your size according to our chart.

This can also be done with our reusable ring sizer, click below to get yours.

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Ring Sizer

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Find your perfect fit with our ring sizer.

Easily used according to the following steps:

- Wrap the ring sizer around your finger and pull until it feels good.

- Check the number that the arrow points to and decide your size according to the chart.

If you measure in between sizes we recommend going for the bigger size.




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